Wednesday Netflix series poster

Wednesday Addams on Netflix?

You read that right, no bugs in your eyes, at least for now. This fall, Netflix is bringing this wonderful girl to their streaming platform. But it doesn’t stop there. The whole family is coming. The teaser looks amazing. And that shouldn’t be any surprise with Tim Burton behind the project. You can see more

Michael Myers

Halloween Ends ??? (Movie)

Is Halloween really going to end? According to Wikipedia, yes, on October 14, 2022. That’s when Universal Pictures plans to release Halloween Ends. It is a sequel to 2021’s Halloween Kills and the thirteenth installment in the Halloween franchise. The film is set to star Jamie Lee Curtis, James Jude Courtney, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, and Kyle Richards, who are all reprising their roles

WARNING, if you are afraid of the dark? (Eclipse)

Where has the sun gone? Some parts of the US will experience a total Solar Eclipse today (Monday, Aug. 21). We found the following related links that are truly frightening for ya. Myths and Superstitions Around Solar Eclipses Eclipse Was A Bad Omen, A Sign Of Gloom And Doom In Ancient Peoples’ Beliefs August 21,


Have you seen it? Have you heard about it? More info at Warner Brothers site. I hear it will scare the pants off you.    

Wanna work in the Halloween Business?

Have you ever had the desire to work in the Biz? A national chain of Halloween stores is preparing to bring some thousands of new employees on with them. Spirit Halloween announced that it will hire 30,000 people for stores nationwide. The company announced that 200 of its 1,300 will be opening their doors later

Football and Halloween?

With Halloween only two months away, what else would one possibly be scratching for, FOOTBALL season. Here are some interesting pieces of candy for us pigskin and pumpkin fans. Billy Cannon’s Halloween Run Haunting Losses: The History Of NFL Games On Halloween DIY Football Costume – For Kids NFL fans celebrate Halloween NFL cheerleaders get in

What is Samhain? What grave did Halloween crawl out from?

OH NO, not History class. Well, you’re right. What better way to start of our scary journey of things Halloween by learning a bit of its history. I found these great 4 short videos and article by the knowledgable folks at the History channel. Check it out and you will be the smartest ghoul in

Scary Pumpkin

HALLOWEEN.ORG back from the DEAD…

Hi Halloween enthusiasts, I’ve been wanting to get this site up and running again for many years. And with Halloween 2017 only 77 days away, we felt time to get things rolling. For anyone who’s’ been following along or checking us out over this time, you might remember a couple of previous versions (i.e. a